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                          THE NATIONAL STOCK CAR ASSOCIATION 

We have a special  announcement to make that we hope will change the way our sport is managed and help promote the sport in a manner that will help it last and grow well into the future. Stansted Raceway are proud to announce we are fully paid up members of THE NATIONAL STOCK CAR ASSOCIATION.

Please feel free to visit their web page and read what they are about. 

There is a joint statement produced by the member promoters  

We would like to thank all the Drivers, Spectators and Promoters alike for all the support and dedication to our sport.

 In a joint statement from Stansted Raceway, Barford Raceway, Ringwood Raceway, Swaffham Raceway, Dover Raceway, Brampton Raceway

In times where oval racing is struggling with losing tracks and uncertainty of future racing at venues that regrettably are slowly disappearing, we bring everyone a new opportunity and to come together collectively as promoters and drivers we have for some time been in ongoing consultation with promoters and today are pleased to announce there is an alternative to the recent doom and gloom that has surrounded oval racing and together we are aiming to bring a new beginning that we hope everyone will like to become a part of we present to you a new governing body in the uk for oval racing please support those that support your racing


So 2020 is now well under way and the Raceway staff are preparing the track and the teams are busy building cars. It won't be to long before the gates open for another epic season. The first meeting to be held is our Micro banger's.

This is set to be a cracking meeting as the drivers  kick off their campaign to win the points championship. The slate is wiped clean winner takes all.

All meetings will have: 

A Banger formula 

FWD Dirt Rods

RWD Dirt Rods

Hot rods

Junior Bangers

All will race 3 heats of 8 laps 

All will race 1 final of 12 laps 


                                          Calling all Drivers and Teams

Please start to download your licence forms now and get them sent to the office. The address is on the forms and the instructions for payment is also there.

If your new to the sport and fancy a go, no problem click here

                                      Licence forms can be found here

                         Build rules and regulations can be found here  


                                                  Just to be clear 

There has been a huge amount of noise on social media concerning other promoters banning or reprimanding drivers that hold their licences who choose to race THEIR cars built by THEM with THEIR money at other tracks. So we thought it prudent to inform you before you pay for our licence what our position is on this issue.

We want you to race with us as often as possible as you are the ones who bring in the spectators and make this possible. If you choose to race at other tracks as well that is absolutely fine (although we would urge to support an independent), you will not be banned or disciplined. Just tell them how good Stansted is that is all we ask.


Drivers and Mechanic's please keep up to date with the important information posted on your NOTICE BOARD. This is located in the Driver and Mechanics menu or click this link There are some important rule changes for the B2B Formula up on the NOTICE BOARD please read these and adhere to them they are for your safety. 


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here are the dates for our 2020 season, we will post the formula's as soon as possible

So we kick off 2020 with:

Dates                     Formula

29th March   Micro banger's

5th April        Micro Team's

Formula's racing TBC

19th April      

3rd May         

24th May       

7th June        

14th June       

5th July           

19th July         

26th July   

9th August 

23rd August    

6th September  

20th September

4th October 

2019 Photos can be found here on MAD JAM's website. Stephanie will be here taking all the action shots. (she is a little brave standing in the middle taking snaps!) 

2019 DVD's can be found here on on Barry Eaton's Face book page. Barry will be back this season filming all the action. 

Stansted Raceway THE BEST BITS You Tube video can be found here filmed by PF racing media.



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