So who has won, well the waiting is now over and the points champions have now been published. So without any further a do click here to find out who you all are.

If your new to our sport or fancy giving it a shot all the Rules and Regs are published  in the Driver/mechanic menus. Go on have a read give it a go.

Licence forms are ready to download NOW so get them filled out and ready to post when instructed to do so don't miss out.


What a great season we have had and we've accomplished so much in a year.

  1. We have a new P.A system in place so we can be heard while races are in progress.
  2. We have a new track boundary fence keeping all our spectators safe.
  3. We have raised the spectator banking to create a better view.
  4. We have a new website keeping everyone informed and a email service.
  5. The track is faster than ever producing some epic racing.
  6. We are getting booking lists that big arena's are jealous of.
  7. We are surviving where many are not and have sadly now closed.
  8. You have raised a massive amount of money for the Meningitis Foundation and at the same time giving the track huge exposure.

                                                     So to you all

To the track staff who volunteered all season keeping everyone safe.

To the drivers and teams who spend hours building cars to race.

To the first aid team who stick us back together when it goes wrong.

And most importantly the spectators who pay to watch and make this all possible.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. 

                                            And on to next year

As soon as we can we will post the fixtures for next season up here we will also send them out via our email service so sign up if you already haven't. But please check back as we maybe appearing at other venues as guests and when we do we will post the fixtures here.


Drivers and Mechanic's please keep up to date with the important information posted on your NOTICE BOARD. This is located in the Driver and Mechanics menu or click this link There are some important rule changes for the B2B Formula up on the NOTICE BOARD please read these and adhere to them they are for your safety. 


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New Race dates for your dairy

Watch this space for the 2020 race season dates 

Our 2019 Seasons meetings are as follows: (Click on relevant date for booking list) Photos link will take you to Mad Jam Photography's relevant page.

Race Pixel's photo's can be found here

31st March B2B Bangers.  Photos 

14th April Micro Bangers (Teams). Photos

28th April Micro Bangers. Photos

12th May Open Bangers. Photos

26th May B2B Bangers. Photos

9th June Micro Banger (Teams). Photos

23rd June All Focus Bangers. Photos

7th July Townsend Micro Banger (Teams). Photos

14th July Open Bangers. Photos

28th July B2B Purple Car Day (Maya).* Photos

4th August Micro Team meeting. Photos

11th August 1800 Bangers. Photos

25th August Micro Bangers (Teams) Final. Photos

8th September B2B Orange Car Day. Photos


6th October Formula Now announced as Open Banger's    (Bringing our 2019 season to a close). CANCELLED POOR WEATHER


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