So you have watched us put on a show and feel that you would rather be on the other side of the catch fencing and out racing with the other teams. This page is dedicated to new wannabe race drivers across all the formula's we offer at Stansted outlining what you need to do and know. You will need to ask yourself a few questions first. The first being Is there anything wrong with me ???. The answer is probably but don't worry, you will be in good company. The second is do I have enough time to build and prep the car? as this does take a huge amount of time and dedication. And the third is how hurty can this be? Well let's start with the first question You're clearly craving an adrenaline fix and racing cars will certainly supply that, you will just need to choose which formula suits your thrill level and pockets first.

 Hot Rods:  Is non-contact and the risk of hurting yourself is less. They are generally faster and set up for the terrain they are racing on. The setup costs are quite expensive compared to other formula depending on how far you want to go with the build specs and how competitive you wish to be. 

FWD Dirt Rods: Are the race tracks budget formula not modified in any way, the concept being a cheap easy build that anyone can do providing you have some mechanical knowledge and support. There is contact it can get quite aggressive so there are occasions that you will feel it in the morning. This does require some skill to get around the track and it is mainly that which will win you races as all cars are 1600.


RWD Dirt Rods: Is the same concept but the cars are unlimited in cc a lot harder to control as you are sideways most of the time. Build specs are the same as FWD with the option of a water tank.

 Bangers: These are built to national specs as are the dirt rods. These are full contact unless stated and if you're not fast enough you will be feeling it the next day!!! these also will take up more time to repair or rebuild as these generally last one or two meetings.

The answer to the third question: this can be very hurty.

Either way, you have read this far so your more than likely got another tab open in Google looking for a car to build. The best way forward for Newby's would be to talk to a team or driver who can point you in the right direction in regards to cost and equipment. The cheaper the better but don't scrimp and save on your safety equipment, we have all seen the horror story's with some of these cheap and nasty Chinese harnesses and helmets produce. Always best to ask somebody with experience most drivers and teams will give you good advice so check forums and ask on our Face book page. You may even find equipment, cars for sale there to but we would only recommend new safety kit with the relevant safety marking and kite marks(see rules). All the links to our rules are opposite for you. Once you have the gear, a car and a pair of brave pants you will need to get a license and learn the track rules these are also here for you to download.

rules and build regulations

These rules are for your safety and must be adhered to the letter. Your car is scrutineered before each meeting to ensure this also random checks take place on the gate before each race to ensure no modifications are carried out between races. If the car is not right you won't get signed off and can't race. This also includes over building your car as while keeping you safe may endanger another driver. If you are unsure of any of the content please ask we will help and explain any area you are unsure of.
Please look round the driver and mechanic's area or our Web site there is all the information you will need.
At Stansted we are independent and although our rules are similar to other promoters the is one main difference, if you hold our licence we will NOT ban or discipline any driver for racing at other venues it's your choice, money, time and car. However, if you carry out or breach our safety rules you may face our disciplinary procedures. This is also the case if you don't follow the rules at another track. Your's and your colleague safety comes first along with any attending, staff, spectators and you!