May 3rd: COVID message.
Hi all, Hope you are all well, and cabin fever hasn’t set in. As you can all see, no one really knows when this virus will be under control, and things will get back to normal, I have a feeling the new normal, will be loosely based on the normal we all once knew. Personally, and I’m probably wrong(I normally am😜) I can’t see this going away Any time soon.
I Just wanted to let you all know a few things.
We are ready to open, and race. Tomorrow if we were allowed too.
We are in a position to weather this storm, and come out the other side, as it stands, we are good to ride this out for a year, and if needed, us, the Ratcliffe family, can then step in to prop things up, for longer.
We are still making things better during this lockdown, albeit smaller projects than we had planned due to the lack of money needed, but progress is progress, even if it’s the small things.
As you all know, we, as well as other tracks around the country joined the NSA, which comes with a code of conduct to which we will run to, this will mean changes, not only to the infer structure at the track but also to how we run things. So things will be different in the future If you don’t change with the times you become irrelevant!
Rumour control is in overdrive at this time, so just wanted to let everyone know, we ain’t going nowhere, neither the track or us running it. Yes.your stuck with me moaning at you 😜
You guys keep building cars, and we will keep building the track for you to race them at!
Keep your heads down and stay safe
Can’t wait to see you all again, grinning and smiling!
Take care of all
Team Stansted raceway!
1 March: Ramp rollover rules.
The ramp rollover rules have now been added to the website. These can be found here
_________________________________________________________________________________________________ 12 February: Roof grades and starting points.
Roof grading and starting positions: These will be updated every month; you will be required to paint your roof with the relevant colour. This year we will be doing things slightly differently to help break up the pack. So, the white roofs will be starting as normal on the start line, the yellow roofs at the start of the home straight, blue roofs halfway round the top corner and the reds on the entry to the top corner. We are waiting for some conformation from the juniors as some will be removed and progress to the adult races. ________________________________________________________________________________________________ 08 January: New season.
New season starts 29th March weather permitting get building. But just to be clear you can race at any other track you choose. Of course we want you to race at Stansted but there may be a time where your invited elsewhere and we understand that. We will not ban or discipline any driver for racing at other tracks. We appreciate your  continued support. Thank you. ________________________________________________________________________________________________ 7 September: Award night.
End of Season award night This year the award night will be held at the Times Club Stevenage on the 30th November. There will be a Buffet and a bar (you will need to pay for your drinks). Dress code is smart casual and no Overalls !!! We will also be presenting the trophies to the top 3 drivers from each formula. For directions please click here. POSTCODE FOR SAT NAV SG1 5RD We look forward to seeing you all there and if the other years have been anything to go by they have been a cracker. If you are a trophy winner and are unable to attend please contact us to make other arrangements. _________________________________________________________________________________________________ 1 September: Roof grades.
Roof Grades (Si Avis) The roof grades have been done for the final time this year, this is the second roof downgrade of the season. As with moving upwards, drivers can only be adjusted one roof colour at a time. The next roof downgrade will be at the end of the race season ready for the start of the 2020 season. _________________________________________________________________________________________________ 1 September: Van bangers.
Message from Terry Ratcliffe concerning Van Bangers on 22nd Sept. We have changed the scheduled Van Banger's due to take place on 22nd Sept to Open Banger's, due to a lack of vans. Open Bangers (smallest size car civic/focus ,vans,4x4s, yanks,unlimited Banger's. _________________________________________________________________________________________________25 August: Nick Moyle.
Message from  Nick Moyle @ N.C.M.R.C  All of us from North Cornwall motor racing Club would like to thank Terry and all involved for this weekend, it has been absolutely brilliant and we all was made to feel so welcome by all, from Marshall's helpers etc, to the local drivers. Roll on next year when you visit us again and hopefully we make the trip back up again also Thank you, from N.C.M.R.C.  _________________________________________________________________________________________________ 12 August: Nick Moyle.
Message from Nick Moyle @ N.C.M.R.C Just want to thank all that travelled down to Cornwall this weekend. Great bunch, great racing and great sportsmanship all round. It's been a brilliant weekend.  Thank you all, and see you you 2 weeks.  _________________________________________________________________________________________________ 07 August: B2B rule changes.
Back 2 Basics rule changes  Floor plates are now allowed (optional but advisable) Corner plates are now allowed (optional but advisable) These changes are for your safety only and must not be used to strengthen car !!! Twin carburettors are ONLY allowed if the car was designed with these as an OE fitting from the factory. Injection systems may be removed and replaced with a single carburettor only. These amendments will be checked and enforced at scrutineering. There is a comprehensive B2B rule download HERE  in PDF so please familiarise yourself with these rules. If you are unsure with what you are allowed please ask before you build your car we do not want to disappoint anyone on the day. See you all Sunday.   _________________________________________________________________________________________________ 28th July: Purple car day.
There will no points allocated for Purple car day as it was a charity meeting with just one formula running.    _________________________________________________________________________________________________ 25th July: Purple car day.
Hi all few things for Sunday, things will be different from normal 1. If your car is not built to the rules, you will be asked to change it, if you don’t or can’t, you won’t be racing 2. If you can’t race to B2B rules, then you’ll be loaded, no warning, just loaded. 3. All transporters,  drivers with plus one must enter through the normal entrance, if your car is being delivered and you're coming later, then go to that gate to, if you go to the spectators gate, you will have to pay to get in, they will not know who or what you're talking about.  You won’t be able to park your car in the pits, just the transporter, you will be parked in the field at the top of the track. 4. Water, please bring some, we have the tanks filled in the pits, and bowsers topped up, but we are low in our water ponds and the track will take priority on the day, there are 4000ltrs in pits and 20,000ltrs in the bowsers ready to go on track, we can quite easily us 40,000ltrs on track in a day.  Please bring some with you. 5.all track staff, and disabled spectators please use transporters entrance, you will be able to park in top parking field closet to the track. 6.all spectators, please look at the signs put out and follow staff instructions, for parking. It will all make sense on the day boys and girls. 7. Be very careful with cigarettes and grinding, the grass is dry as it can be, we set fire to it twice today, please think about what you're doing. 8. Tickets are available on the gate, cash only 9. don’t forget your tickets 10. All have a great day, it’s fun so don’t get all stressed out, and make it brilliant for you and everyone, and let’s make a lot of money for the charity 11. We can’t wait, hope you can’t, be a big build-up, see you all Sunday bright and early  Gates open at 9:30. , scrutineering is 10:30 -12:00 Green flag drops on 1st race at 12:30 _________________________________________________________________________________________________ 23RD June: Focus Bangers.
A big thank you for everyone that came and made today happen. Sadly the all focus bangers didn’t attract the drivers we thought it would, but we have to try these things. The Focus meetings left this season will now be 1800 (no Mondeo,Vectras or Cougars)  _________________________________________________________________________________________________ 6th June:

 We are unable to offer early drop off for your race cars this Saturday 8th June for the following days meeting. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.   _________________________________________________________________________________________________  23rd June: Focus meeting.
Hi all, next Sunday's race meeting is our 1st all focus meeting, numbers are low at the moment in the banger's, so in an attempt to get more drivers for all Focus Bangers,  Day licences for Bangers will be free for drivers, you won’t get free entry for a mechanic tho, but it’s still 1/2 what it would normally be. Come on Banger boys, support the last track in Essex, and help make this a great meeting.  _________________________________________________________________________________________________  01 June 19: Micro meeting.
The 4th August has now been confirmed as a Micro Team Meeting bringing the total number of meetings in the series to four. _________________________________________________________________________________________________
30 May 19: Junior Bangers and Online Bullying:
It has been reported to me but is also obvious from Online content there has been some online bullying happening. From this point, if I get to see any screen shots (Facebook or other platforms) of individuals threatening to do each other, run each other in ETC. The driver/drivers involved will be subject to Stansted Raceways disciplinary procedures which may involve a ban.  It’s all banter online, but it’s really bullying, and plays on people minds and upsets people. So we won’t be having it at Stansted Raceway. This is your warning, from this point on, you’ll be banned. _________________________________________________________________________________________________ 30 May 19: FWD Bonnet Fixings and Brake Lights:
Bonnet bolts, Please read the rules  Contact, Please read the rules,  I’m starting to ban Drivers, go into Bangers if you want to Banger race, I’ll swap your licence for free.  Brake lights, we’ve been slack on them, you’ve all taken up the slack, now it’s carnage. No brake lights on your car, you won’t be racing gents.  _________________________________________________________________________________________________  1 March: Speeding in pits.
This has become a concern for a while now with some drivers returning from the track or driving to the gate at high speed, This is unacceptable and must stop immediately. There have been unfortunate accidents at other tracks please don't let this happen at your track. The speed limit in the pits is 5 mph (walking pace) no exception. Repeat offenders will face Stansted Raceway's disciplinary procedure. Let's keep all our Guest's and your Race Teams Friends/Families safe.  

Useful websites and lins

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