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Full details regarding construction rules will have been sent to you when you registered with your Promoter. They are also downloadable below in PDF format for you to print. It is your responsibility to build your car to the letter of these rules and to present it in a fully legal and safe state. Scrutineering takes place before the start of the event, either where you're parked in the pits or at a designated scrutineering bay. You should present your car early as possible so that if there is an issue with your vehicle, you will have a chance to make changes and re-present your car.
When driving to scrutineering please follow the 5 mph rule.
If you need to discuss any of the build rules, Race rules or any advice or information click here to find a list of the Team and their rolls

Stansted Raceway operates a zero-tolerance policy to abusive behaviour towards members of staff and this is particularly relevant at scrutineering. Scrutineers have a vital role in your safety.